Women Rising

A novel of Romantic Suspense

How can a woman find love after being the victim of unspeakable violence and betrayal at the hands of men?

Courtney Stillwell founded the feminist magazine, Women Rising, to create awareness about male violence. It is a daily struggle between the sexes and her magazine tells it all. Women must learn to deal with men’s inherently aggressive nature because that can’t be changed, or so Courtney believes until she receives a call from Veronica, one of her young novice writers.

"Ronnie" wants to submit an article for publication that will reveal some startling news: A new bio-chemical weapon developed by the Army has been field tested on a vicious motorcycle gang. The gang members, one of whom is Ronnie’s boyfriend, call it "Ballzoff" because they’ve lost all interest in women.

Seeing the promise of an end to male violence, Courtney braves the wrath of the U.S. government in bringing to light this Top Secret program. This decision ignites a chain of events that causes Courtney to relive and redeem her dark past and to question the very basis of her beliefs about men.

Courtney is torn between her devotion to the mission of her magazine
and her desire to find a man among men who will be her soulmate.